Office Spaces: Season Two Premier


Season Two of Office Spaces kicks off with Interior Designer Kalyn Rothaus returning to her client Mark Alfieri, President of BrandStar Studios, in order to begin phase two of construction. This time around the challenge is to renovate the company’s studio production building while the creative team of employees are still occupying the space. Kalyn does a walk through of the current studio space, assembles her team of professionals for the project, and we show a sneak peak of what phase two of construction has in store for us. The high-tech and modular renovation of this BrandStar campus continues – you don’t want to miss it!


Office Spaces Digital Exclusive Recap of Season One and Look Ahead to Season Two!


Digital Exclusive Episode The BrandStar space is finally complete and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our tremendous team of participants. Check out this Exclusive Digital Episode of Office Spaces Season One for special behind the scenes footage, bloopers, and never before seen action on the set of this exciting project! The series will re-air on Fox Business Sunday’s at 5p starting Aug 7, 2016.


Office Spaces: The Flex Space Show


Office Spaces: “The Flex Space Show”. The new Brandstar office has a hidden gem and it’s filled with expensive technology, dynamic furniture, and much more!


Office Spaces: The Tech Show


On today’s episode we go geek chic to learn about crucial IT products and infrastructure. We examine fiber optics, cell phone repeaters, access control, security, and digital platform integration and how it all helps us work smarter and collaborate.


Office Spaces – The Trophy Show


On this week’s episode we will install a grand reception desk made of COMPAC quartz stone.  We’ll make an entire wall into a trophy case made from CARVART glass, install a bold submaterial felt wall, and let’s not forget about another important element – COLOR! MMAD paints a site specific mural. AND Kalyn finds furniture from SERIES Seating and Dauphin that is both functional and fabulous.


Office Sounds


This episode of Office Spaces focuses on privacy and noise reduction in the new office.  In particular the work environment for the 54 employees that will be working in the new bullpen. First up in the show is Bill McCann from Dynasound.  Bill’s company manufactures speakers that add sound masking to the building.  They actually add sound to the building so noise can be reduced between employees. We also meet Kelly Minton, the installer from Dynasound as he installs 30 sound masking speakers around the building. Mayline’s president Allan Klotsche also stops by to supervise the installation of the Mayline bullpen furniture. Designer Kalyn Rothaus meets with Armstrong principal scientist Sean Browne.  Mr. Browne discusses an Armstrong product line called Total Acoustics that absorb 85% of sound and block 35 decibels of sound. Kalyn decides on Armstrong’s Calla Ceiling Panels. Finally Kalyn meets with Rebecca Tyke, from 2/90 Signs. 2/90


Office Spaces: The Private Offices


Designer Kalyn Rothaus has been given the challenge to move 135 employees from a 20,000 square foot space into a much smaller, 11,000 square foot building and make everyone comfortable more productive. So far she’s cleared the new space, framed the walls, installed the floors, and added new windows and doors.  In the last show, all the ceiling grids and light fixtures were installed.  Now in the second month of construction, it’s time to move to the next phase.  In today’s show Kalyn will address the individual private offices.  She’s asked Mayline furniture from Wisconsin to present their line of modular ergonomic furniture. It’s also painting week in the work space.  Phoenix Painting will be painting all the private offices and the other spaces throughout the building. Kalyn wanted each office to offer a creative way for the employees to express themselves. Finally, Ergotron, will install special ergonomic desk mounts