Office Spaces is a new TV show exploring how to create well-designed office spaces, hosted by acclaimed Interior Designer, Kalyn Rothaus.

The solutions-oriented story reveals the step by step transformation of the office space. It will focus on the brands; their products and services, and how they fit in as part of the renovation. The result of the office makeover will be a virtually new office with a “wow” factor, both aesthetically and functionally. The office will be designed to be an office that stimulates employee collaboration and contributes to the bottom line.

Whether we’re designing an ideal work station; planning where to place the shared printer and office supplies; selecting furnishings, lighting, computers, wall art; or any number of other factors, Office Spaces will show you, the business owner, how to do it ergonomically, efficiently, and innovatively.

A well designed office space will stimulate company growth and employee productivity. It can function as a strategic tool for business owners who want to remain at the forefront of creativity and innovation in their industry, while also exemplifying the spirit of your company. Whether you’re updating or relocating your space, creating quality work spaces is what we are all about.