Season 3: Project Innovate

An on-going series about innovations in the commercial construction and design space that explores cutting-edge products and technology impacting the way we live, work and play. Through the series, viewers will meet the innovators behind the products being featured, hear about what inspired them to make the product, how they turned an idea into something tangible, and brought it to market. We’ll get in-depth, fast-paced, behind-the-scenes views of how products are made and installed—and how they’re impacting the world.

Each episode would feature three products/segments. Each segment would be divided into four acts: “The Inspiration” (which is where we describe the problem the innovator set out to solve); “The Idea (where we describe the product itself and how it solves the problem); “The Process” (where we walk through how the product was created, challenges and obstacles faced along the way, and how it is successfully made today); and, lastly, “The Impact” (where we discover how the product is installed and ultimately changing or impacting a space and the people it serves.)