Innovative Solutions to Increase Natural Light in your Interior Work Space


Hurricane Resistant Skylights Maxim Skylights was created specifically to address the growing needs of the Florida and other hurricane, hail and coastal areas where extreme code requirements eliminate the lower quality basic skylights. Maxim therefore provides high performance products that not only meet, but exceed, the strict building codes. With custom options Maxim is also able to provide unique glazing options to maximize daylight harvesting and allow for special finishes on the interior and exterior. With a support staff dedicated to not only selling skylights, they offer unparalleled after sale support. In addition, skylights provide natural light to provide a more pleasant interior environment and help reduce energy usage through daylight harvesting.


Lighting the Future …Today


LumenOptix delivers technological innovation to the commercial and industrial lighting marketplace by combining best-in-class product performance with striking industrial design. Visual comfort, simple installation and sleek architectural features ensure our products will remain as relevant in the future as they are today. Product offerings include architectural and value options within each product family to meet budget goals and upgrade aesthetics while enhancing the visual comfort of any building. The LumenOptix® products are engineered by design to enhance visual comfort, upgrade aesthetics, and provide significant gains in energy efficiency in commercial and industrial buildings.


Floor Changes and Setbacks


Keri meets with Jason to discuss new aesthetic changes to the original plans and worries about her timeline. Keri Maletto is the new project manager overseeing a major television studio renovation. With blueprints in hand, she jumps right in, only to find out that the existing plans she’s been working with have been changed. The guy making these changes is Jason Gagnon, BrandStar’s CCO. His goal is to elevate the client experience by switching the planned locations of Edit Suite, Audio Bay and the Green Room. With his decades of experience, he has valuable insight into making BrandStar Studio’s future even brighter, but how will these change ups affect her overall construction timeline? And how will the CEO and building owner, Mark Alfieri, feel about his budget and timeline being stretched the the limit? Find out on this episode of Office Spaces!


Specialize in Tile & Stone


In 1948, Bedrosians began providing tile and setting materials to contractors and builders in Central America. They are still a family-run with the third generation of Bedrosians now working in the company & helping carry on the legacy. Bedrosians is constantly updating their business to improve the business, expand its influence, and embark on trend-setting endeavors for our industry. A leader in tile & stone provider, they educate for industry professionals and homeowners on design trends, & all the options available to them, as well as options for applications. They continue to specialize in tile & stone & buy from all over the world to offer so much variance in design, price, and quality options!


Innovative Solutions in HVAC Design and Efficiency


Verasys controls system will provide the latest cutting-edge technology for your building automation needs. With simple interlocking capabilities you’ll be able to include lighting, boilers, etc. The remote connectivity allows a mechanical contractor or facility operations manager to get notifications or identify a potential problem before an unplanned shutdown occurs. This can be done without being onsite. Preferred HVACR system for mechanical contractors for best price on bid day, ease of installation and simplified configuration, and the first plug-and-play system for reduced implementation risk. Empowers contractors to offer a one-stop-shop for equipment & controls as an end-to-end system. Ease of service & smart decision making through secure remote connectivity and problem notifications. Allows owners/operators to be proactive in servicing their building environments by using data to deliver actionable insight!


VIMaec - Brandstar Case Study

BrandStar is currently remodeling, renovating, and redesigning their new corporate headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL. Their challenge was not only moving their 135 employees but fitting everything from their previous 22,000 square foot office space into their new 11,000 square foot office space. Read Complete Article


Office Flooring Solutions


The Flooring Group We are joined by Catherine Del Vecchio w/ Gerflor – A luxury vinyl tile manufacturer with nearly sixty designs and colors to choose from. Their commercial grade flooring is specifically made for high traffic areas and the 28 millimeter wear layer means my client won’t need to replace the flooring for a long, long time! Manufactured in Europe w/ higher standards. We check out the most popular products for renovation of office spaces, including their Creation Click System. This is meant for quick clean renovation when you have to keep your operation and your office going while workers are there so you can install it over existing floor.


Your Modular Office & Building Experts !


Modern Building Systems There is a real advantage to deciding to go with a modular building system versus typical construction. Typical construction takes so much time, there’s so many different people and moving parts and pieces involved. Fred Ketcho visited us to talk about their company & products. As a very progressive, modular building systems company they in a variety of different markets and industries. Modular construction is not just quicker and more affordable than conventional construction, it’s also incredibly eco-friendly with little to no waste, it’s a smart, sustainable and stylish solution.


A Sweet Surprise for Kalyn’s Send-Off; Hello, Keri!


After Kalyn reviews the remarkable progress her renovation team has made at the production studio in a very short time, she is touched when CEO Mark Alfieri and the whole BrandStar crew surprise her with a baby shower. As Kalyn departs for maternity leave, the show must go on; there’s still plenty of work to be done. COO Carmen Feinberg has a replacement in mind to oversee Kalyn’s design plans – meet project manager Keri Maletto!