Office Spaces: Innovations in Building Design and Air Efficiency

Office Spaces: Innovations in Building Design and Air Efficiency - Ep 0303

Innovations in Building Design and Air Efficiency On this episode of Office Spaces, we’re hitting the road in search of the latest in lighting and air technology. Getting up close and personal with the future of facades, and solving one of the biggest problems in construction today.


Innovative office designs Ideas


Add shape style and function to your office space..  Agati designs by Joe Agati is an award winning design bringing quality, style and function to your office spaces.  Want the flexibility of three in one design? Konica has the solution for you with it’s new multi-function printers for all your wireless printing, copy, scan and email needs. Say goodbye to sweeping it under the rug with “Shore Rugs” ergonomic rugs perfect for indoor and outdoor.  Plus chew-able ice; sounds divine? Hey ice lovers! now you can indulge in your ice addiction with healthy ice nuggets from Follet.


Seating, Fiber Optics, DrawShop and Virtual Information Modeling!


On this episode of Office Spaces, the BrandStar Studio renovations are in full swing and while project manager, Keri Maletto’s construction timeline might be a bit behind…she’s gets a virtual sneak peek with the latest in VIM technology with VIMaec to make sure the plans are still on track. After a relaxing and informative chat with her friends at the DrawShop, her energy is renewed and she’s back to making sure all the employees will soon have everything they need when their offices are finally complete, from the best seat in the house with Buzz Seating to the very best in fiber optics with Cleerline Technology. All this on the next episode of The Draw Shop.


Office Spaces: The TV show exploring how to create well-designed office spaces,


Creating the Office of the Future…Today ! The solutions-oriented story reveals the step by step transformation of the office space. It will focus on the brands; their products and services, and how they fit in as part of the renovation. The result of the office makeover will be a virtually new office with a “wow” factor, both aesthetically and functionally. The office will be designed to be an office that stimulates employee collaboration and contributes to the bottom line. A well designed office space will stimulate company growth and employee productivity. It can function as a strategic tool for business owners who want to remain at the forefront of creativity and innovation in their industry, while also exemplifying the spirit of your company. Whether you’re updating or relocating your space, creating quality work spaces is what we are all about.


Office Spaces: Season Two Premier


Season Two of Office Spaces kicks off with Interior Designer Kalyn Rothaus returning to her client Mark Alfieri, President of BrandStar Studios, in order to begin phase two of construction. This time around the challenge is to renovate the company’s studio production building while the creative team of employees are still occupying the space. Kalyn does a walk through of the current studio space, assembles her team of professionals for the project, and we show a sneak peak of what phase two of construction has in store for us. The high-tech and modular renovation of this BrandStar campus continues – you don’t want to miss it!


Office Spaces Digital Exclusive Recap of Season One and Look Ahead to Season Two!


Digital Exclusive Episode The BrandStar space is finally complete and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our tremendous team of participants. Check out this Exclusive Digital Episode of Office Spaces Season One for special behind the scenes footage, bloopers, and never before seen action on the set of this exciting project! The series will re-air on Fox Business Sunday’s at 5p starting Aug 7, 2016.


Office Spaces: The Flex Space Show


Office Spaces: “The Flex Space Show”. The new Brandstar office has a hidden gem and it’s filled with expensive technology, dynamic furniture, and much more!