Keri Maletto

Keri Maletto – Office Spaces Project Manager

Office Spaces’ new Project Manager and host, Keri Maletto, has always been full of ideas, starting with her childhood entrepreneurial ventures, as the editor of her own kid-run newspaper, to her adult success as social media food and travel blogger with a mass following.

Given her natural ability to orchestrate projects and take charge, she gravitated towards production managing many feature films and television shows.

Born in Hollywood, Fla., Keri participated in cheerleading for 12 years, which gave her valuable experience working with a team to achieve a common goal. Her back handsprings are pretty impressive too!

Married for 15 years, Keri is a self-described foodie who has an affinity for being near the water and loves connecting with others to learn what inspires them.

When she wants to smile from ear to ear, Keri goes out for a ride on her Vespa, which she named “Mia Bella” – Italian for “My Beauty.”

Kalyn Rothaus

Kalyn Rothaus – Office Spaces Host

Best Wishes to Kalyn!
Mark, Carmen and the entire BrandStar team wish Kalyn a big congratulations on her new baby boy! In the meantime, please welcome Keri Maletto, the new project manager and Office Spaces host filling in for Kalyn while she’s on maternity leave.

A message from our host:
What a journey it has been creating a new corporate home for BrandStar! This past season was a challenge, I’ll admit, transforming an outdated warehouse into a workplace of the future was no easy feat! Luckily I had the help of our national brand partners – extraordinary people at the cutting edge of their industries, with some of the latest and greatest products available. I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish in Season two!

About our Host:
Name: Kalyn Rothaus
Occupation: Commercial Interior Designer + Project Manager
Favorite Color: Sparkles
Starbucks Order: Skinny Vanilla Latte
Stress Relief: Spinning at Flywheel
Loves: My husband, Philip; travel; exploring; trying new things
Children: My Boston Terrier, Banana
Dislikes: Clutter, long meetings without an agenda, spiders
Favorite Scent: Lavender
Life Motto: “Yes”