Office Spaces: Episode 3


The construction process continues for Office Spaces. Interior Designer, Kalyn Rothaus, finds a great way to virtually show her clients, Mark and Carmen, around the building using visual software from VIMaec . Installers from Karndean get to work installing the luxury vinyl tile throughout the building, CARVART creates colored glass partitions to separate offices, conference rooms, and work spaces, and Lacava brings in the mirrors, vanities, and LED lights that will be used for the bathrooms.


Collaboration Through Visual Information


VIMaec allows the non-architects see the building or room as it will look when its built, and to save you all the expense of change orders – When you want to change stuff when it’s being built – VIMaec takes 2D Revit plans and runs them into 3D game environment so you can walk around the building collaborating with the architect and designers in a virtual environment – your office / home.  It’s the only visual software that can view, count and cost.


The Art of Office Design Meets Today’s Productivity Demands


CARVART is a leading creative solutions company specializing in turnkey architectural glass products and hardware systems.  CARVART captures the sensory interaction between glass and light through the visual effects of transparency and reflection. CARVART’s curated glass is offered in beautiful colors or etched carved patterns, gradient or graphic designs.


Lacava Exceeds Expectations With Custom Bathroom Features


Kalyn works with JB, the regional sales manager from Lacava. Lacava is known for their custom made vanities, mirrors, and LED lighting. They import faucets and sinks from Italy and manufacture all of the furniture in Chicago. Kalyn chose Lacava to modify the bathrooms because they’ve recently come out with a new line of bathroom furniture that feature beautiful finishes and they are ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, compliant. Lacava offers a very talented staff of artisan wood workers that are able to create all types of different custom designs with a strong focus on quality.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles with Karndean


On today’s episode, Karndean will be installed luxury vinyl tile, LVT, in the new building. Interior Designer, Kalyn Rothaus, chose Karndean specifically because they have been in the flooring business for over 40 years and are considered one of the leaders in LVT. First, Karndean technicians insert sensors into the building’s concrete slab to measure for moisture. Because there is a high level of moisture in the concrete, the Karndean installers will lay down a water barrier product called VeraShield. This will prevent water from seeping through the concrete and affecting the vinyl tile. For the new building, Kalyn has chosen a herring bone pattern LVT. The finished job makes the floors look absolutely fabulous!


Office Spaces: Episode 2


The construction process begins for Office Spaces. The General Contractor, BSA, is assigned for the project along with the Architect, Icon Design Group, and Demolition starts with Riteway Demolition. Wausau windows are installed by BnT, the flooring is treated and the walls are decorated using Super Krete. Finally, handles all the complex wiring for the building.


Innovations in Communications Networks


The low voltage wiring is going in the new building. They are handling all of the complex wiring for the building .. Everything from the building management systems, the HCV controllers, the monitors on the wall, and the microphones in the conference room for telepresence. They will compile all the specifications and the needs of each vendor and then figure out how it will actually go in the building. is one of the first contractors to arrive on the job site and one of the last to leave.


Embracing Concrete in the Office.


Super-Krete products are industrial grade products (designed for bridge deck and parking structure resurfacing) that have been adopted into the residential and commercial sector due to it’s extreme durability, and endless possibilities of design, architecture and custom ability. The core products are cement-based materials with polymer modified “SUPER” ingredients that provide incredible adhesion (will bond to any surface), flexibility, crack resistance and strength unlike any other material. Watch Kalyn create a custom pattern for the wall application!


Demolition Is Under Way


Before construction can begin in the new building, everything has to be cleaned out including walls, doors, and all of the electrical studs, conduit, and wiring. Riteway Demolition will oversee all the demolition and get the building ready for construction. It’s not an easy job. First, the acoustical ceiling needs to be removed, the ceilings need to be cleaned, and all the dry wall partitions need to be torn down. Additionally, all the metal from the trash needs to be separated out for recycling.




Kalyn Rothaus has been appointed as the Interior Designer and Project Manager for Brandstar’s new building. She meets with Bill Branning from BSA, the general contractor for the job and Alberto Ramudo, the site supervisor from ICON Design Group Inc. to create the working drawings for the Brandstar project and submit for permit. Today, the three are meeting to talk about the design and timeline for the project. They discuss the plans for day-to-day construction on the new building. To make the new building work, it’s going to require a high level of technology between the lighting, the building management systems, and all of the media.