Mayline – Office Furniture


Mayline is a mid-market office furniture brand.  They offer customers a high-quality, designer-friendly solution, but at a price point that will work for most project budgets.  In most large and high-profile office furniture projects, the larger, aligned-manufacturers (i.e. Steelcase) will work with their dealers to propose a solution for the customer.  These larger, aligned-manufacturers, solutions are often times more than a customer can afford for their entire project – so they are forced to choose. Mayline actually makes that choice a lot easier, by giving them the look and style they would like, but at a price they can afford.


A Standing Desk for Any Space


Ergotron was founded by Harry Sweere, an engineer who was witness to the first musculoskeletal issues that workers were facing back in the early 80s. He designed one of the first articulating arms in the industry, was instrumental in publishing the VESA Standards still in use today, and opened the door to height-adjustable computing stations, first in healthcare, and paving the way for the office expansion we are seeing today with the development of Constant Force technology.


Maximizing Your Viewing Experience


At Element TV, they believe cutting-edge technology shouldn’t be out of reach of the average American. That is why they are committed to providing relevant innovation across a variety of products, steadfast commitment to quality, and responsive, friendly customer service. They also believe there is an emotional power to media and technology that is important to empower our customers.


Office Spaces: The Light Show


Now with the construction issues and all these moving parts happening at the same time it’s always important to keep thinking about the big picture.  We’re moving 20 thousand square feet and a large number of employees into a much smaller workspace but the end result needs to be more productivity, a comfortable work environment and happy employees.  Kalyn is turning her attention to the ceiling and the interior building lights.  Kalyn’s challenge is to create lighting within the building that will both improve the quality of the workspace and be energy efficient. Lighting Designer Alejandro Vargas from Miami Lighting Design Associates and Tom Schumaker and Audey Cash from Acuity Brands Lighting, are working with Sean Browne, Principal Scientist at Armstrong World Industries to design concept and overcome lighting challenges. Kalyn will take an old idea and make it new again with Matt Moulton of Indoor Sky.  And we chat


Modern Workplace Design .. Occupant Comfort and Energy Performance Through Daylight Harvesting


Indoor Sky solves the conflict that exists between shading and daylighting. Maximizing daylight’s penetration into a building while minimizing heat and glare results in reduced energy bills, shorter patient stays, quicker learning, greater productivity, and overall improved occupant comfort and well-being. Matt Moulton from Indoor Sky spent an afternoon with us installing the new office shades.


Innovations in Communications Networks


The low voltage wiring is going in the new building. They are handling all of the complex wiring for the building. Everything from the building management systems, the HCV controllers, the monitors on the wall, and the microphones in the conference room for telepresence. They will compile all the specifications and the needs of each vendor and then figure out how it will actually go in the building. is one of the first contractors to arrive on the job site and one of the last to leave.


Designing Perfect Lighting for a Collaborative Workspace.


Taking a behind the scenes look at lighting design, light fixtures, and controls to build a digital network that ensures everything functions in harmony.  Sean Browne, Principal Scientist at Armstrong World Industries along with Tom Schumaker from Acuity Brands Lighting and Alejandro Vargas of Miami Lighting Design figure out a complicated lighting process for the new building. They’ve been tasked by Kalyn to create  a really clean lighting approach with perfectly aesthetic lines. Check out the intelligent lighting that SAVES ENERGY. What more can you ask?


Office Spaces: Episode 3


The construction process continues for Office Spaces. Interior Designer, Kalyn Rothaus, finds a great way to virtually show her clients, Mark and Carmen, around the building using visual software from VIMaec . Installers from Karndean get to work installing the luxury vinyl tile throughout the building, CARVART creates colored glass partitions to separate offices, conference rooms, and work spaces, and Lacava brings in the mirrors, vanities, and LED lights that will be used for the bathrooms.


Collaboration Through Visual Information


VIMaec allows the non-architects see the building or room as it will look when its built, and to save you all the expense of change orders – When you want to change stuff when it’s being built – VIMaec takes 2D Revit plans and runs them into 3D game environment so you can walk around the building collaborating with the architect and designers in a virtual environment – your office / home.  It’s the only visual software that can view, count and cost.


The Art of Office Design Meets Today’s Productivity Demands


CARVART is a leading creative solutions company specializing in turnkey architectural glass products and hardware systems.  CARVART captures the sensory interaction between glass and light through the visual effects of transparency and reflection. CARVART’s curated glass is offered in beautiful colors or etched carved patterns, gradient or graphic designs.