BnT Window Installers


It’s never easy installing new windows and doors into an existing building. So we’ve asked BnT Services, a company with a lot of experience to install both our windows and doors.  Brett Robbins and his partner Tom Zeschke have over 25 years of experience retro-fitting windows and doors here in South Florida.


How To Design a Revolutionary Office

Office Spaces Season 1

Office Spaces™ with Kalyn Rothaus How do you take an outdated warehouse and turn it into a modern hi-tech office space?  Mark Alfieri, the Founder and Chairman of BrandStar has given Kalyn Rothaus, interior designer and host of Office Spaces, the task. Her challenge is to transition 135 employees housed in 22,000 square feet scattered over four floors in two buildings into one 11,500 square foot space. She takes Mark and his Chief Operating Officer, Carmen, on a 3D virtual tour through the new building highlighting all of the design concepts and innovative technology that will be present in their new Corporate Headquarters. The goal is to cut costs, create a collaborative work environment, increase productivity, and keep employees happy. It will be a challenge, but Kalyn’s ready to get her hard hat on and work with some incredible partners to create a new office space that is functional, eco-friendly,