Solutions in insulation for Office or Home


The Quality you deserve, the Expertise you can trust ! We are joined by Patrick Dussinger w/ USI to talk about the company, a service company inside of the contractor world and what they specialize in is insulation and what they call specialty products which are finishing products inside of the home. And they did a great job in our office rebuild & they have taken the problem of having too much noise or trying to reduce noise and use the unique solutions from spray foam to attenuate that noise and create a different or more comfortable living and working situation. When you are talking about energy efficiency in any structure, be it a residential or commercial building, really what it comes down to is sealing the building envelope for better comfort all the way around!


Office Spaces: The TV show exploring how to create well-designed office spaces,


Creating the Office of the Future…Today ! The solutions-oriented story reveals the step by step transformation of the office space. It will focus on the brands; their products and services, and how they fit in as part of the renovation. The result of the office makeover will be a virtually new office with a “wow” factor, both aesthetically and functionally. The office will be designed to be an office that stimulates employee collaboration and contributes to the bottom line. A well designed office space will stimulate company growth and employee productivity. It can function as a strategic tool for business owners who want to remain at the forefront of creativity and innovation in their industry, while also exemplifying the spirit of your company. Whether you’re updating or relocating your space, creating quality work spaces is what we are all about.


Office Spaces: Season Two Premier


Season Two of Office Spaces kicks off with Interior Designer Kalyn Rothaus returning to her client Mark Alfieri, President of BrandStar Studios, in order to begin phase two of construction. This time around the challenge is to renovate the company’s studio production building while the creative team of employees are still occupying the space. Kalyn does a walk through of the current studio space, assembles her team of professionals for the project, and we show a sneak peak of what phase two of construction has in store for us. The high-tech and modular renovation of this BrandStar campus continues – you don’t want to miss it!


Meet The Team


Meet the team at BrandStar. As they prepare for a major renovation of their Production Facility.


Studio Walk through with Mark


Mark Alfieri gives designer Kalyn Rothaus a tour of BrandStar’s Production Facility as they discuss renovations for Season 2 of Office Spaces.


Office Space: Flashback to last season


This season on Office Spaces Interior Designer Kalyn Rothaus returns to BrandStar in order to renovate their studio building. Take a look as we flashback to season one on this episode of Office Spaces.


Mayline – Office Furniture


Mayline is a mid-market office furniture brand. They offer customers a high-quality, designer-friendly solution, but at a price point that will work for most project budgets. In most large and high-profile office furniture projects, the larger, aligned-manufacturers (i.e. Steelcase) will work with their dealers to propose a solution for the customer. But solutions from these larger, aligned-manufacturers are often more than a customer can afford for their entire project – so they are forced to choose. Mayline actually makes that choice a lot easier, by giving them the look and style they would like, but at a price they can afford.