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An on-going series about innovations in the commercial construction and design space that explores cutting-edge products and technology impacting the way we live, work and play. Through the series, viewers will meet the innovators behind the products being featured, hear about what inspired them to make the product, how they turned an idea into something tangible, and brought it to market. We’ll get in-depth, fast-paced, behind-the-scenes views of how products are made and installed—and how they’re impacting the world.


Each episode would feature three products/segments. Each segment would be divided into four  acts: “The Inspiration” (which is where we describe the problem the innovator set out to solve); “The Idea (where we describe the product itself and how it solves the problem); “The Process” (where we walk through how the product was created, challenges and obstacles faced along the way, and how it is successfully made today); and, lastly, “The Impact” (where we discover how the product is installed and ultimately changing or impacting a space and the  people it serves.)




30 minute TV show



Comprised of 3-4 storylines in 6-8 minute segments that follow the case study formula:

  • The Inspiration
  • The Idea
  • The Process
  • The Impact


*Most episodes to include a tip segment



FOX Business



Interviews are to take place in the office spaces of the innovators, in their manufacturing facilities to show how it is made, or on the construction site/job site where the product is being installed.


Story lines will cover topics such as:


  • Workplace Design Trends
  • Industry Leading Innovators
  • Cutting Edge Products and Technology that are changing the Built Environment
  • How Products are manufactured…How Manufacturing Impacts People and the Environment
  • Architectural and Design Trends that Change Culture
  • The effects of innovation and technology in commercial environments.



Kalyn Rothaus

Kalyn is the Interior Designer and Project Manager responsible in Season 1 and 2 of Office Spaces, transforming an existing warehouse into a “functional and fabulous” office space. She works with a team of Architects, Civil Engineers, Landscape Designers, and Commercial Vendors to design the entire transformation and ultimate reveal of this office space of the future.


In this new season, Kalyn is meeting the innovators who create the products she works with on a daily basis, to understand how these companies are making advancements in the industry and changing the way we live, work, and play in the built environment.



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National Broadcast

National Broadcast FilesBROADCAST
Office Spaces™ is a “by invitation only” program. If selected, Office Spaces™ television series will include a company in a branded featured segment as part of a 30-minute program. The segment will air on Fox Business Network.

Participant will have the opportunity to approve the segment outline for technical and legal accuracy. Office Spaces™ Television Show covers all aspects of the production, promotion and distribution of the program.

Participant may incorporate and use Office Spaces™’s trademarks and logos, and the “airing on Lifetime Television” logo. After initial airing, Office Spaces™ will supply participant with a sub-master DVD of the segment, with no restrictions on reproduction or re-purposing to be used in any legal non-broadcast manner.

Hotel Syndication

The Office Spaces™ marketing team will promote the segment through cross-marketing initiatives, including but not limited to Social Media, PR and Online efforts. Participant will agree to post the segment on their website for a period of at least three (3) months, and provide artwork and logos for marketing efforts. Participant will be encouraged to maximize exposure and viewership of the segment through their own marketing initiatives (e-newsletters, banners, etc.). Episodes of Office Spaces™ live on and YouTube.

The Participant’s segment will be featured on a dedicated interactive landing page, hosted on website, including but not limited to the video player, a segment synopsis, and promotional banner.

Through coordinated efforts with our Social Media Team, the Participant will have cross-promotional and conversational discussion to increase awareness and drive engagement. Scheduled content creation is encouraged to ensure timely development and posting.

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