Office Spaces: Sustainable Roofing


On this episode of Office Spaces we uncover how this leader in commercial roofing stays above the competition with their innovative approach to roofing through extreme testing, technology, manufacturing and client installations. This family owned business has been perfecting the roofing business since 1900. Learn how Simon Roofing takes the lead in technology and waste reduction to better our environment. You won’t want to miss this!


Office Spaces: Carpet Fiber Manufacturing


On this episode of Office Spaces we go behind the scenes of the industry leader in commercial carpet fiber manufacturing. Join us as we follow the entire process – from research and development, to the manufacturing process and installation process – and how sustainability and innovation play a key role in this powerhouse production.


The Power of Commercial Photography


Kalyn has invited famed architectural photographer Mike Butler to BrandStar for a walk-through and first glimpse of this office space of the future. Mike will be using his expertise to bring the office design to life through pictures! Mike brings a deep technical understanding and avante-garde lighting to each project he is involved with.


Keeping Peace at the Office: How Acoustical Ceilings Reduce Noise in Style


Only Armstrong products are designated as having Total Acoustics™ performance, the ideal combination of NRC (noise reduction) and CAC (sound blocking) in one ceiling panel. This makes it easier to specify one ceiling for an office space used for focus, collaboration, and privacy. This allows for flexibility in a space, where previously two different types of ceilings would have been specified for open and closed spaces. Armstrong ceilings with Total Acoustics can help provide less intrusive noise and greater speech privacy to building occupants allowing for greater workplace satisfaction.