Office Spaces: Carpet Fiber Manufacturing


On this episode of Office Spaces we go behind the scenes of the industry leader in commercial carpet fiber manufacturing. Join us as we follow the entire process – from research and development, to the manufacturing process and installation process – and how sustainability and innovation play a key role in this powerhouse production.


Complete Solutions for all of your Commercial Audio and Video Needs


On this episode of Office Spaces, the job of Complete Integrated Technology is to integrate all of the components of the building or system, which means they touch a large part of the technology from high voltage to low voltage systems, and make all of the parts work together. “The Twins”, founders of Complete Integrated Technology always shared an interest in electronics and as things progressed, this hobby quickly turned into a long term business venture. Jason and Justin basically came in to Brandstar for this project and held the torch to carry all of this to the finish line. Helping the workers from Barco and Draper with installation of their products and helping Leviton with integration of all of their technology.


The Art of Felt Throughout the Office!


One of the main challenges Kalyn faced when designing this office space was SOUND! “You always have to consider acoustics when you’re designing… and I really wanted to put a material in the reception area and conference rooms that would help with sound.” She found David Hamlin from Submaterial and he introduced her to a material you might never associate with construction-but offered all the benefits of sound design and style. FELT! Submaterial produces thoughtful and precisely hand-crafted interior accessories for modern environments. Their works explore the territory between objects of art and objects of design, creating an opportunity for clients to add something truly unique and special to their homes and commercial environments. Their design process encourages direct participation from the client, allowing for their involvement in selections of color, scale, size and schedule. Check out this bold feature wall installation from Submaterial.


Office Spaces: The Private Offices


Designer Kalyn Rothaus has been given the challenge to move 135 employees from a 20,000 square foot space into a much smaller, 11,000 square foot building and make everyone comfortable more productive. So far she’s cleared the new space, framed the walls, installed the floors, and added new windows and doors.  In the last show, all the ceiling grids and light fixtures were installed.  Now in the second month of construction, it’s time to move to the next phase.  In today’s show Kalyn will address the individual private offices.  She’s asked Mayline furniture from Wisconsin to present their line of modular ergonomic furniture. It’s also painting week in the work space.  Phoenix Painting will be painting all the private offices and the other spaces throughout the building. Kalyn wanted each office to offer a creative way for the employees to express themselves. Finally, Ergotron, will install special ergonomic desk mounts


BnT Window Installers


It’s never easy installing new windows and doors into an existing building. So we’ve asked BnT Services, a company with a lot of experience to install both our windows and doors.  Brett Robbins and his partner Tom Zeschke have over 25 years of experience retro-fitting windows and doors here in South Florida.